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Welcome to Starburst Inc.

You have entered the wonderful world of Starburst Japan.We specialize in bringing modern, top quality and well-designed interior, kids and lifestyle products to the shores of Japan.We currently act as a distributer for our best sellers from Europe and Oceania.We work hard for our customers and we work hard for our suppliers.Starburst exhibits at design expos across Japan displaying the best items to the huge interior market. Over 60,000 potential buyers visited the recent expo in Tokyo where we displayed our range at the Starburst booth.Our experienced and dedicated staff is ready to help you bring your brand to the massive market in Japan.We can help you personally with any enquires relating to our products, becoming a retailer of your brand or the opportunity of distributorship in Japan.Looking forward to hearing from you,

The Starburst team

Email: starburst.japan@gmail.com   Email : wholesale@milkpanda.jp









Company Profile/会社概要
所在地 〒669-1513 兵庫県三田市三輪2-1-12丹商ビル3F
設立 2011年1月
代表者 アンダーソン 奈津子
 WEB  https://starburst-inc.com/
事業内容 1.インテリア雑貨、生活雑貨の輸入、輸出及び製造販売
3. 上記各号に附帯する一切の事業
代表電話・                 FAX 079-509-0334(TEL)
078-330-8020(FAX)                                                                                                                    090-1223-4696(CELL)